Magik Studios

Magik Studios - Tiktok Live Agency


To receive any of the below milestone rewards, you must be an ACTIVE official host with Magik Studios.

Eligibility for rewards requires you to go live 7 days a month, for a total 15 hours a month before any rewards are applied.

When you are onboard with us and your total diamonds hits any of the milestones below, we will send your reward.
You can only reach each milestone ONCE. This does NOT reset monthly.

Magik Studios' Agency Reward System

Meteor Shower
3,000 🟡
150k Diamonds
Leon The Kitten
5,000 🟡
300k Diamonds
10,000 🟡
500k Diamonds
Sam The Whale
30,000 🟡
1M Diamonds
Leon & Lion
34,000 🟡
1.5M Diamonds
Tiktok Stars
39,999 🟡
2M Diamonds
Tiktok Universe
44,999 🟡
2.5M Diamonds