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Tiktok Gifter Level UP Program

TikTok’s Gifter Level Up Program empowers patrons to unlock exclusive rewards, demonstrating their unwavering support for favorite creators. Among the app’s captivating features, TikTok Live stands out, fostering user connections by facilitating real-time interaction with followers who can pose questions and send messages in the chat. Devoted fans have the opportunity to express their admiration during live sessions by gifting creators with tokens of appreciation.

What is a Tiktok Gifter Level?
See how many coins you need, to get a level up badge?
How much will it cost to get level 50 gift badge in tiktok?
All tiktok Gifter levels are shown below. Tiktok gifter level chart
Currently level 50 is the highest ranking badge.

TikTok Gifter Program Perks

11 🟡26196,000 🟡
28 🟡27265,000 🟡
318 🟡28357,000 🟡
434 🟡29478,000 🟡
556 🟡30637,000 🟡
690 🟡31845,000 🟡
7140 🟡321,120,000 🟡
8220 🟡331,470,000 🟡
9340 🟡341,920,000 🟡
10530 🟡352,500,000 🟡
11820 🟡363,230,000 🟡
121,260 🟡374,180,000 🟡
131,920 🟡385,380,000 🟡
142,840 🟡396,890,000 🟡
154,340 🟡408,780,000 🟡
166,420 🟡4111,200,000 🟡
179,280 🟡4214,100,000 🟡
1813,350 🟡4317,800,000 🟡
1919,400 🟡4422,300,000 🟡
2027,600 🟡4530,000,000 🟡
2139,600 🟡4634,700,000 🟡
2254,600 🟡4747,500,000 🟡
2375,800 🟡4865,700,000 🟡
24105,000 🟡4975,000,000 🟡
25144,000 🟡5097,500,000 🟡
Unlocking Entrance Spotlight & Exclusive Gifts

Unlock exclusive features on TikTok as one of the platform’s most active contributors, standing out from the crowd with the new TikTok Gifter Level Up benefit.

This unique program expresses TikTok’s gratitude to users who actively support creators during Live events. These special rewards not only enhance the experience for dedicated patrons but also increase their visibility to the creators they generously contribute to.

Elevate your TikTok presence and support your favorite creators with the exclusive perks offered through the Gifter Level Up program.

The Ranking System

To access TikTok’s Level Up features, viewers must accumulate Experience Points, obtained through the purchase of coins, not without cost.

Initiating the process involves buying coins, which serve as currency for acquiring virtual items for beloved creators. Within a live TikTok stream, users can tap on the Gift icon or the Rose and choose ‘Recharge’ to acquire coins. Patron purchases of gifts translate into earned Experience Points, with the point accumulation rate scaling according to the gift’s cost. 

TikTok coins are typically bought in packages, allowing users to then purchase gifts such as the Rose, a popular choice due to its affordability and convenient placement in the TikTok Live menu.

Patrons seeking to invest more in supporting their favorite creators can purchase additional coins, with options ranging from around $20 for 1,321 coins to $250 for 16,500 coins. As patrons progress and achieve badges, they unlock various perks.

What are the perks

Unlock exclusive gifts and impressive animations with the TikTok Live Gifter Program perks. Welcoming users into the Live Room is the Entrance Spotlight, providing an engaging experience. Currently, there are six unique gifts to unlock, starting with Marvelous Confetti at level 10, costing 100 coins.

The highest-tier TikTok gift requires reaching level 40, priced at 34,999 coins. Even at these levels, users must purchase coins to utilize exclusive gifts.

The Entrance Spotlight activates at level 25, enhancing the Live Room entrance for those with fewer than 100 viewers. As levels increase, so does the viewer cap for this visual effect. Creators can also monetize received virtual gifts by selling them back to TikTok. Explore the Galaxy gift, a visually appealing and reasonably priced option for new TikTok gifters. Elevate your gifting experience and enjoy the perks of the TikTok Live Gifter Program.